Will Speed Reading Help Improve My Grades?

Speed Reading Improves Grades

Speed Reading Improves Grades

In this section of our 7 Speed Reading customer Review, we are going to discuss how speed reading will help improve your grades.

Reading is an essential element of all schoolwork, from research to writing papers to studying for an exam. In many universities, students are given hundreds of pages to read each week. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to cut your reading time in half? Speed reading makes this possible, and efficient reading skills will help in all schoolwork and provide an overall improvement in grades.

The average adult reads at a rate of about 200 words per minute, but proficient readers can read up to three times that speed. If you’re Speed Reading, the optimal reading speed is 400-750 words per minute. Think of the material you can get through at 750 words per minute!

Several Factors in Speed Reading

There are several factors in Speed Reading.  First, you will be able to look at a page and take in the entire thing with a few glances. You look across the page, taking in several groups of words at a time, but not reading every word. You expand your vision so you can see and understand many words in one glance, and you are also able to read both vertically and horizontally, so you can take in words across different lines at the same time. It sounds challenging, but Speed Reading can be taught. There are a variety of courses, software and manuals to help you. The one that we are discussing in our review is a software called 7 Speed Reading.

Skimming is an important element in Speed Reading. In fact, many argue that Speed Reading is nothing more than very efficient skimming. When time is limited, skimming can help you comprehend a text. Several studies have shown that when skimming a text versus reading every word, students who skimmed pages did better on tests. Skimming is especially useful with reading on the web, as it allows you to skip over irrelevant sections, and with web-based reading you have an unlimited amount of material you can cover. The faster you read online, the more you can learn. You can cover more material skimming, so even if you don’t read every word you can get a better idea of the content, and comprehend a greater amount of information.

Other Speed Reading Techniques

Other speed reading techniques use a visual tool, like following text with your finger or using shapes to cover more of a page at a time. The average person re-reads almost 50 percent of words on a page, so these tools can be extremely helpful in cutting down time.

Another method involves subvocalization which is also in 7 Speed Reading, (not vocalizing every syllable). Pronouncing every syllable can hinder reading speed, and learning to use subvocalization can reduce your time spent studying.

Overall, most people are not benefiting themselves by reading slowly. They think that in order to retain and completely understand information, they must read every word slowly and carefully. But by reading quickly and really concentrating on what you’re reading, you can cover and retain more material.

Comprehension is the most important element of Speed Reading, and it takes practice. 7 Speed Reading offers many strategies to help you increase your reading comprehension. If you’re speed reading without comprehension, nothing is solved. The faster you read, the more productive you can be. With practice, speed reading comprehension will become second nature, and your grades will see improvement.

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