All Speed Reading Training Courses Are Not Created Equal

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7 Speed Reading Review

7 Speed Reading Review

If you’re doing research on 7 speed reading you might have already realized that not all of them are created equal.  Some are focused on one individual type of teaching while others, like 7 Speed Reading, offer multiple methods of learning.Some of them offer e-books to help learn others do not.

Other areas of interest you should take into account are what reading levels are offered, how many users it allows, do they offer any kind of comprehension tests after each stage, and do they offer a money back guarantee.

7 Speed Reading is the #1 rated speed reading software currently available on  Some of its best attributes are:

  • 7 Different Training Techniques
  • 600 E-books and Wiki Compatible
  • Unlimited Number of Users
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Reading Levels (A Software for Everyone)
  • Tests, Games, Tips, and Tutorials All Help Make the Learning Fun and Effective

Below we are going to dig a little deeper into a few of the speed reading course on the market and what differentiates the 7 Speed Reading software from the others.

Do They Offer Adequate Training and Support?

With any kind of new learning software, training and support are key. What good is a speed reading course if you don’t know how to use it? As I mentioned in my 7 Speed Reading Review, the course offers a user’s guide, video tutorials, reading tips, and email and telephone support. Other courses on the market such as Rocket Reader and Ultimate Speed Reader fall short in one or more of these categories.

While going through the program, the tutorials are what really stood out to me. Before each section, a video tutorial is available to watch that lays out what to expect in the lesson. I am a visual learner so seeing what was expected really helped me.

Another element I was looking for was free upgrades. It frustrates me when software is out of date within a few months and I have to pay to upgrade it just to keep using it. 7 Speed Reading offers lifetime free upgrades.

Do They Offer a ‘No Questions Asked’ Refund?

Out of the ten best rated speed reading software available, only half offer a money-back guarantee. And most of those are 30 or 60 day guarantees.  7 Speed Reading offers a “no questions asked” 365 day money-back guarantee. They even offer to pay you $50 if you don’t read 3X faster after going through the course. That tells me they must be pretty confident in their product. I haven’t reached the 3 times faster level yet, but I am reading close to 2 times faster after only a few months. I can tell a huge difference.

Are There Numerous Positive Reviews on the Product?

In my opinion, one of the greatest things about using the internet is its pretty easy to find out if a product is junk or not.  Anything you need to know about a product can be found online.  You can find online reviews for most, if not all products.  You as the consumer has to do your due diligence when purchasing a product online. Speed reading training courses are no different.

If you were looking for a new camera, you probably wouldn’t rely solely on what the salesman told you. You would research and see which camera had the options you were looking for and whether people who have bought it, liked it.  The same should hold true for speed reading training courses.

7 Speed Reading has all the “options” I was looking for in a speed reading training course. If you want even more information check out the official 7 Speed Reading site or you can continue to browse this 7 Speed Reading Software Review.